Shared repositories: Building a multi-tenancy repository service at the British Library

Authors:Gould, SaraBritish Library Kotarski, RachaelBritish Library Ramsey, Ellen, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

Poster presented at Open Repositories 2020 Virtual Poster Session

The British Library launched a Shared Research Repository infrastructure for 6 partner heritage organisations with active research bases, classed as Independent Research Organisations. To meet expectations of Open Access and data sharing, we put expertise into building a multi-tenant research repository, developed by Ubiquity Press, shared across IRO partners. Pathways to long-term preservation and community codebase contributions are ongoing priorities.

The University of Virginia and Ubiquity Press are our partners in the Advancing Hyku project, funded by Arcadia. We’re all partnering to further work with the repository community, representing wider needs within the Advancing Hyku project.

Advancing Hyku, Arcadia, British Library, Repository, Samvera
University of Virginia
Published Date:
June 10, 2020
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