Bigger on the Inside: Integrating Research Data Services in Campus-Wide Networks

Author:Claibourn, Michele, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

The diffusion of data- and computationally-intensive approaches to an ever-widening range of disciplines poses opportunities and challenges to universities and the research partners and services within. In response, university libraries have been rapidly building and expanding research data services and expertise to meet emerging needs and support new forms of scholarship. An oft-stated goal of such efforts is to become more centrally integrated into larger networks -- within the library, within the home institution, and across institutions. Toward this end, UVA Library's Research Data Services has collaborated in a growing number of formal and informal partnerships and networks to unify expertise and support for such research. Focusing on internal campus relationships, these range from formal networks, like the new Computational and Data Resource Exchange led by the Vice President of Information Technology, to informal partnerships, like our central role in supporting new grant discovery tools initiated by the Office of the Vice President for Research, to invitations to be part of new policy committees like the University's Advanced Computing Steering Committee led by the Director of the Data Science Institute. Through such integration, our still evolving Research Data Services has greatly amplified our reach. This briefing will share our experience building research data services and integrating with campus partners across the institution. We will highlight both some promises and pitfalls we've encountered, and provide some iniital metrics and assessment of our efforts to date.

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Presented at CNI Fall 2016 Membership Meeting. December 12-13, 2016. Washington, DC.

University of Virginia
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December 2016