What Goes Around: Swinburne’s *Century of Roundels*

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Author:Tucker, Herbert, Department of EnglishUniversity of Virginia

This essay begins, somewhat like the form of Swinburne’s devising that is its
subject, at the end, which is to say at the ‘Envoi’ concluding A Century of Roundels on its
last and hundredth page (Swinburne 1883, 100; 1904, 5.193):

Fly, white butterflies, out to sea,
Frail pale wings for the winds to try,
Small white wings that we scarce can see

Here and there may a chance-caught eye
Note in a score of you twain or three
Brighter or darker of tinge or dye.

Some fly light as a laugh of glee,
Some fly soft as a low long sigh:
All to the haven where each would be

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Tucker, Herbert. "What Goes Around: Swinburne’s *Century of Roundels*." Ed. Catherine Maxwell, and Stefano Evangelista. Algernon Charles Swinburne: Unofficial Laureate Manchester University Press, 2012.

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