Performance Analysis of a Software Implementation of the Xpress Transfer Protocol

Author:Hartrick, Timothy, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Virginia

In this thesis we present a survey of a group of influential Transport Layer protocols, including the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), ISO Transport Protocol Class 4 (TP4), the Versatile Message Transaction Protocol (VMTP) and the Xpress Transfer Protocol (XTP). A variety of features of each protocol are examined in detail. These features include packet formats, communication syntax, error and sequencing control and multicast capabilities. Next, we describe an implementation of XTP version 3.5 which was developed at the University of Virginia Computer Networks Laboratory. We discuss the results of a set of performance experiments performed on UVa XTP 3.5. These experiments include unicast throughput and latency measurements, and multicast throughput measurements. We also present a set of performance measurements which compare the performance of a commercially available implementation of TCP with the performance of UVa XTP 35 running on the identical hardware platform.
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Hartrick, Timothy. "Performance Analysis of a Software Implementation of the Xpress Transfer Protocol." University of Virginia Dept. of Computer Science Tech Report (1991).

University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
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