Analysis and Recommendations for Phosphorus Management in P-limited and P-abundant Watersheds

Research Paper
Author:Malabad, Anthony, AS-Global StudiesUniversity of Virginia

This work was completed as part of the Spring 2020 Global Sustainability Capstone course under the direction of Professor Phoebe Crisman. Professor Deborah Lawrence served as advisor on the project. This paper is the result of a semester of research on soil phosphorus and provides the case for an integrated, multi-faceted approach to phosphorus management. It culminates in recommendations for phosphorus management in two watersheds, one that is phosphorus-limited and one that is phosphorus-abundant. Justification of these measures is made, based on the projected depletion of high-quality rock phosphate reserves, the widespread problem of nutrient pollution in waterways, and the call for better management of phosphorus at all parts of the cycle. Several methods of phosphorus management are discussed, including front-end solutions like intercropping, cover cropping, nutrient management plans, specific application of fertilizer, fertilizer treatment, and soil amendments; and back-end solutions such as riparian buffers and Resource Recovery Facilities.

GSVS, GSVScapstone, GSVS2020
Contributor:Lawrence, Deborah, AS-Environmental SciencesUniversity of Virginia
University of Virginia
Published Date:
May 4, 2020