Voicing the ancestors: Readings in memory of George Stocking

Author:Bashkow, Ira, Department of AnthropologyUniversity of Virginia

In this Forum, four anthropologists have chosen an “ancestral” figure to give voice to. Anthropologists’ ancestors are generally teachers, mentors, or, less proximally, canonized scholars of prior generations. Anthropologists draw on their ancestors for theoretical wisdom and practical guidance. Yet ancestors are not always shared broadly across our discipline, and they can easily fall into oblivion. Giving voice to them, publicly, allows each contributor to comment on an important scholar and invites readers to renew their acquaintance with disciplinary ghosts who still have much to teach us.

Igor Kopytoff, Lamarkianism, History of Anthropology, George Stocking, Alex Haley, Culture concept, Xenophanes, Franz Boas, George Lincoln
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY)
Contributor:Handler, Richard, Department of AnthropologyUniversity of Virginia
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Richard Handler, Ira Bashkow, Jacqueline Solway, Lee D. Baker, Gregory Schrempp. 2016. Voicing the ancestors: Readings in memory of George Stocking. HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory vol. 6, no. 3

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