Virginia History and Social Studies Textbooks: History, Processes of Selection, Critiques and Possibilitites

Research Paper
Author:Diamond, Alissa Ujie, Urban and Environmental PlanningUniversity of Virginia

This paper explores structures of racism in the U.S through the lens of history and social studies textbooks. It is composed of three parts. First, a brief discussion of the history of educational systems and textbooks in the U.S. Second, the paper discusses the legal and economic processes that define what content becomes enshrined in textbooks aimed at primary and secondary school students in this country. Finally, the book critiques common textbook content in terms of their role in perpetuating narratives about particular racial groups and about American structures of power. The paper concludes with a call for disruption of narrow conceptions of "legitimate knowledge" perpetuated through this type of media.

Textbooks, Structural Racism, Virginia, Education
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Contributor:Diamond, Alissa Ujie, AR-Planning DeptUniversity of Virginia
University of Virginia
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This paper was a final class paper for Professor Sabrina Pendergrass' AAS 3500 class. As it was a class paper, it was not held to the standards of a peer reviewed publication or thesis. The author has published this work with LIBRA in order to make this work accessible to other scholars studying related issues.