A Hykurax Panel: Advancing Hyku; Hyku for Consortia; Hyrax Analytics

Authors:Ramsey, Ellen, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0003-4520-4923Gueguen, GretchenPALCI Digital Projects Manager Hurford, Amanda, Scholarly Communications DirectorPALNI Mellinger, MargaretOregon State University Gaede, FrannyUniversity of Oregon

Panel presentation Samvera Virtual Connect 2020

What are the alignments and differences of three currently funded Hyku/Hyrax development efforts? A discussion with Advancing Hyku, Hyku for Consortia, and Hyrax Analytics leads will address deliverables of each project, unique contributions, and areas of alignment and collaboration of these three concurrent efforts to enhance the Hyku/Hyrax community core and Hyku/Hyrax applicability to use specific use cases. Background information on each project is available at:

Advancing Hyku: https://advancinghyku.io/
Hyku for Consortia: https://www.hykuforconsortia.org/
Hyrax Analytics: https://www.imls.gov/grants/awarded/lg-36-19-0033-19

Advancing Hyku, Hyku, Hyrax, PALNI, PALCI, Repsoirtory, Metrics
University of Virginia
Published Date:
June 10, 2020
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