Samvera Connect 2021 Hyku Projects Panel: In the Community and In the Wild

Authors:Ramsey, Ellen, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon, IlkayBritish Library Hurford, AmandaPALNI Basford, JennyBritish Library

Leads from Hyku projects in various stages (active implementation, nearing launch, and ramping up) joined for a lively session at Samvera Connect 2021 (online). We started with brief updates on work done in 2021 across our projects on prioritizing community features. Included was discussion about what works in local installations, what works (and doesn’t) when contributing code back to the community core, and how we collaborate across projects in formal (shared Hyku Roadmap, meetings, documentation) and informal (Slack, email) ways. We ended the panel with an open call for community input on future community Hyku development priorities.

Samvera, Arcadia, Advancing Hyku, institutional repository
Contributor:Gould, SaraBritish Library
University of Virginia
Published Date:
October 19, 2021