U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted With Colonel (Ret.) Howard S. Levie

Author:Dougall, Thomas


Colonel Howard S. Levie was born in Wolverine, Michigan on December 19, 1907. As a young child he grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and New York City attending public schools in both cities. He attended Speyer Experimental Junior High School, the first junior high school in the United States and graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School, which would later cite him as a Distinguished Alumnus.

He earned an A.B. degree from Cornell University in 1928, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. While at Cornell, he participated in the University of Delaware Foreign Study Group, the first organized year abroad program for American university students. He earned his J.D. from Cornell in 1930 and was awarded a LL.M. degree from George Washington University School of Law in 1957.

Colonel Levie was admitted to the New York Bar in 1931 and practiced law in New York City until 1942 when he volunteered for service in WWII. He graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1943 and was commissioned a Second Leutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, subsequently serving in the Southwest Pacific until the cessation of hostilities. He decided to remain in the Army and accepted a Judge Advocate General's Corps commission in 1946.

Colonel Levie's military assignments include duty as the Chief, War Crimes Division, Office of the Command Staff Judge Advocate, Far East and United Nations Command; Chief, International Affairs Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General; Staff Judge Advocate, United States Army Southern European Task Force; First Legal Adviser, U.S. European Command, and Staff Judge Advocate, Sixth United States Army. His most noteworthy assignment was as the only Judge Advocate to participate in the Korean Armistice negotiations where he served as the draftsman for the Armistice Agreement. His military decorations include the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star.

Colonel Levie's legal career did not end with his retirement from the Army in 1961. In 1963 he became a professor of Law at St. Louis University and continues today as Professor Emeritus of Law. He served as an International Law Consultant to the United States Naval War College from 1965 to 1971; the Stockton Professor of International Law at the NWC; the Lowry Professor at the NWC, and to this day, he is often called upon as a lecturer to classes at the NWC. He currently serves as an instructor in Public International Law, Salve Regina College in Newport, Rhode Island.

Colonel Levie's intellectual credits are equally noteworthy. He has authored three books to include "Prisoners of War in International Armed Conflict," which was awarded the 1982 Triennial Ciardi Prize of the International Society of Military Law and the Law of War. He has edited several other books and authored some 43 articles on varying legal issues. Colonel Levie resides in Newport, Rhode Island with his wife, Blanche.

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Dougall, Thomas, Richard Gordon. U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted With Colonel (Ret.) Howard S. Levie. Charlottesville, Va., 1987

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JAGC Regimental Oral History 1987 Levie

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