Politics of Art: Debating the Marbles

Authors:Dissinger, Alicia, Arts & Sciences Graduate-dasgUniversity of Virginia Ikeshoji-Orlati, Veronica-Gaia, Arts & Sciences Graduate-iasgUniversity of Virginia

A publication derived from ARAH 9505, Spring 2011, Professor A. Dakouri-Hild. Edited by A.M. Dissinger and V.G.A. Ikeshoji-Orlati. With essay contributions by A.M. Dissinger, V.G.A. Ikeshoji-Orlati, E.M. Merrill, A.M. Middleton and E.M. Molacek.

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Dissinger, Alicia, and Veronica-Gaia Ikeshoji-Orlati. Politics of Art: Debating the Marbles. University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art, 2011.

University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art
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