Data Management Assessment and Planning Tools

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Authors:Sallans, Andrew, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon, Sherry, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

It has become increasingly accepted that important digital data must be retained and shared in order to preserve and promote knowledge, advance research in and across all disciplines of scholarly endeavor, and maximize the return on investment of public funds.

To meet this challenge, colleges and universities are adding data services to existing infrastructures by drawing on the expertise of information professionals who are already involved in the acquisition, management and preservation of data in their daily jobs. Data services include planning and implementing good data management practices, thereby increasing researchers’ ability to compete for grant funding and ensuring that data collections with continuing value are preserved for reuse.

This volume provides a framework to guide information professionals in academic libraries, presses, and data centers through the process of managing research data from the planning stages through the life of a grant project and beyond. It illustrates principles of good practice with use-case examples and illuminates promising data service models through case studies of innovative, successful projects and collaborations.

Research data management, Data Librarians, Data Management Services
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Lake, Sherry, and Andrew Sallans. "Data Management Assessment and Planning Tools." Ed. Joyce Ray. Research Data Management: Practical Strategies for Information Professionals West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2014. 87-107. Available: ISBN:9781557536648, [""].

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