Praxis, Through Prisms: a Digital Boot Camp for Grad Students in the Humanities

Author:Nowviskie, Bethany, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

The Praxis Program is a digital-methods workshop and competitively awarded, yearlong apprenticeship at the University of Virginia Library Scholars' Lab, designed to train emerging scholars and tech-savvy knowledge workers in the humanities.

One challenge facing our students also confronts others new to the rapidly-expanding digital humanities. How can scholars who have up to now been selected and rewarded almost exclusively for their facility in argument engage effectively with the most audacious contribution of the field?

The great project of humanities computing is the development of a hermeneutic—a concept and practice of interpretation—parallel to that of the dominant, postwar, theory-driven humanities: a way of performing cultural and aesthetic criticism less through solitary points of view expressed in language, and more in team-based acts of building.

digital humanities, methods, training
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