What is Libra: 2020 Open Access Week

Author:Lake, Sherry, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0002-5660-2970

Recorded talk on "What is Libra? UVa's Scholarly Institutional Repository" created for 2020 Open Access Week. Slides with notes are included

Libra is a set of repositories that provides open access to publicly available content such as journal articles, monographs, conference proceedings, presentations, posters, reports, pre-prints. It also contains data and other products of research. AND Libra is the online source for UVA's Theses and dissertations.

Libra, as the institutional repository for UVa, is the place for UVa’s faculty, staff and students to upload and share a broad range of scholarship.

Items in Libra are readily discoverable because they are indexed by search engines, like Google Scholar, and the Library’s online catalog.

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University of Virginia
Published Date:
September 25, 2020