Development of Inclusive Language Training for Albemarle County Government

Authors:Hoos, Meredith, Architecture GraduateUniversity of Virginia Lewis, Samantha, Architecture GraduateUniversity of Virginia Kelly, Kyle, Architecture GraduateUniversity of Virginia Ye, Yuning, Architecture GraduateUniversity of Virginia Romano, Avery, Ldsh & Public Policy GradUniversity of Virginia

Recently, equity initiatives have increasingly been used by local governments as a tool for addressing injustices and discriminatory practices. Because the concept of equity is still new to many, it is important to have a foundational understanding of what equity entails and how it can be implemented. This report outlines the process of creating an equity training module to be used for staff training in Albemarle County. Prior to developing the training, interviews were conducted with current staff members working for the County. The information and comments collected from these interviews served as the starting point for identifying key themes to discuss within the module. The training was then developed as an interactive PowerPoint presentation which is intended to give those participating in the module a better understanding of what equity can look like in local government. . In addition, a post-training questionnaire was developed in order to allow participants an opportunity to provide any comments or feedback about their experience with the training. Furthermore, this report also serves as a reference for anyone seeking additional, outside information about the topics discussed within the training module. The module is intended to be utilized by staff from all departments in Albemarle County as a tool for learning about equity and to begin to apply this knowledge to their work.

equity, diversity, implicit bias, inclusive language, module, training, local government
University of Virginia
Published Date:
May 10, 2021