Assessing the Research Practices of Big Data and Data Science Researchers at the University of Virginia: An Ithaka S+R Local Report

Authors:Huck, Jennifer, UVA LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon, Jacalyn, Research ComputingUniversity of Virginia

This report is an investigation of research practices of Big Data and Data Science Researchers at the University of Virginia (UVA). The study was conducted by a team of staff from the UVA Academic Library and UVA Research Computing (RC). Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit research organization, oversaw this study, along with comparable studies at 20 other academic institutions. The goal of Ithaka S+R was to understand the resources and services that researchers who use Big Data and Data Science practices need to be successful in their work. Themes include Data Acquisition and Preprocessing; Ethics of Data Handling; Data Analysis and Programming Languages; Compute Infrastructure; Data/Code/Research Sharing; Teaching and Learning; and Advancing the Discipline. Recommendations to support Big Data and Data Science researchers are provided.

Big Data, Data Science, Researchers, Data Acquisition and Preprocessing, Ethics of Data Handling, Data Analysis and Programming Languages, Compute Infrastructure, Data/Code/Research Sharing, Teaching and Learning, Advancing the Discipline, Interviews
University of Virginia
Published Date:
September 30, 2021