Suicide Bombing, Civilian Oppression...and a Green New Deal? New Environmental Focus from Islamic Militant Groups in Afghanistan

Research Paper
Author:Wilkey, Jenna, Arts & Sciences UndergraduateUniversity of Virginia

This work was completed as part of a Spring 2020 capstone class for the Global Environments and Sustainability interdisciplinary major, advised by Professor Willis Jenkins and Professor Phoebe Crisman. Recently released goals of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other Islamic militant groups pertaining to environmental protection contradict a trend of human rights violations perpetrated by these organizations. The paper analyzes the possible motives behind the environmental rhetoric such as the current environmental state Afghanistan, interpretations of the Quran, and an anti-Western sentiment attached to environmentalism. It outlines the hypocrisy of militant groups’ environmental claims while validating the environmental hardships facing Afghanistan. While it is not possible to conclude a motive behind these seemingly counterintuitive declarations, it is likely that these newly released environmental goals are used to curry favor among Muslims and to further vilify Western nations such as the United States.

Afghanistan, Environmentalism, Environment, Taliban, Al Qaeda , Islamic militant group, Climate change , Osama bin Laden, Militant environmentalism , GSVS, GSVScapstone, GSVS2020
Contributors:Jenkins, Willis, AS-Religious StudiesUniversity of Virginia Crisman, Phoebe, AR-ArchitectureUniversity of Virginia
University of Virginia
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