Digital Collecting for Events and Emergencies: Survey Analysis

Author:McClurken, Kara, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

In the late summer and fall of 2018, the University of Virginia Library sent out a survey that focused on practices utilized in digital collecting that required a rapid response to capture information about an event or emergency. This survey of 21 questions (available in the appendix) was sent out to the cultural heritage community in mid-August primarily through listserv and Twitter solicitation to various cultural heritage communities. The survey was open for about six weeks and 78 libraries, archives, museums, individuals, and cultural institutions responded.

Each section begins with a report of the data, includes some analysis, and ends with some lessons learned from the survey.

This survey and analysis was supported by a grant from the LYRASIS Catalyst Fund.

"emergency digital collecting", digital libraries, tragedy response, Archives
University of Virginia
Published Date:
July 26, 2019
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