Poetic Data and the News in Poems: A *For Better for Verse* Memoir

Author:Tucker, Herbert, Department of EnglishUniversity of Virginia

This essay introduces scholars of Victorian poetry to an open-access, on-line scansion tutorial developed at my initiative and maintained under my guidance by the Scholars' Lab at the University of Virginia. I explain what and whom it is for, how it works, and what sorts of issue arose during its development. I then go into the sort of issue that should matter most to journal readers, viz. freshly enabled understanding of the metrical structure of a major poem.

poetry, Robert Browning, scansion, digital pedagogy, Thomas Hardy
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Tucker, Herbert. "Poetic Data and the News in Poems: A *For Better for Verse* Memoir." Victorian Poetry (2011).

West Virginia University
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The essay was commissioned for a special issue on Prosody by guest editor Meredith Martin.