Research Information Costs at the University of Virginia

Authors:Butler, Brandon, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon, John, LB-Univ Librarian-GeneralUniversity of Virginia

The Big Deal journal bundles that the UVA Library acquires from commercial publishing vendors are on an unsustainable path. To fix this, the Library and faculty need to communicate more consistently about the cost and value of these resources, so that we can bring our spending under control and into line with the priorities of our research community. This presentation lays out some basic facts about the cost of research materials, the trajectory of those costs, and the urgency of changing our approach.

scholarly communication, academic publishing, higher education, open access, publishing business, libraries, academic libraries, copyright
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John Unsworth and Brandon Butler, Research Information Costs at the University of Virginia, Presentation to the UVA Faculty Senate, Oct. 30, 2018.

University of Virginia
Published Date:
October 30, 2018