Property Edges/ Common Thresholds

Author:Kahler, Leah, AR-Landscape DeptUniversity of Virginia

The landscape of the Locust Grove neighborhood in Charlottesville, Virginia is defined by edges, boundaries, and thresholds that take shape in planting patterns. Some edges are created by meticulously maintained shrubs, while others take shape through sprawling urban wilds. The construction of these edges have broad implications for how the landscape is experienced, by guiding or hindering movement and visibility. In addition, particular plant species communicate values and are tied to histories of the global botanical trade.

property, edges, thresholds, critical landscape analysis, garden history, landscape management, management, Locust Grove, sinclair house, charlottesville
Contributor:Brennan, Colleen, Landscape ArchitectureUniversity of Virginia
University of Virginia
Published Date:
03 May 2021