Samvera Connect 2021 Lightning Talk with Demo: Author Profile Syncing with ORCID in Hyku

Authors:Danelli, PaulUbiquity Press Barrett, Elisa PettinelliUbiquity Press

Presented at Samvera Connect 2021 (online), this short demo of the integration between the Author profile (in Hyku) and ORCID was developed as part of the Advancing Hyku project. The integration allows repository depositors and authors to establish and control synchronization of works between the repository and ORCID. Based on the chosen settings within the author profile (always synch, ask before manually synching individual works, do not synch), when a work is deposited using the ORCID metadata field all relevant creators can have their ORCID account updated with that work. Conversely, the Author profile in Hyku can be updated, depending on the chosen settings, with info and work DOIs available in ORCID.

University of Virginia
Published Date:
October 18, 2021