Evaluation - Towards a Community Learning Network to Advance Economic Mobility

Authors:Shipp, Stephanie, PV-Biocomplexity InitiativeUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0002-2142-2136Thurston, Joel, PV-Biocomplexity InitiativeUniversity of Virginia Dorius, Cassandra , Human Development & Family StudiesIowa State University

Through the pilot project – Towards a National Community Learning Network – we demonstrate that the Cooperative Extension System (CES) can be used to infuse data insights into local communities and accelerate the advancement of economic mobility across three states (Virginia, Iowa, and Oregon) through use of the Community Learning through Data Driven Discovery process. The project encompassed three bodies of work, including: (1) developing a rural community-based research culture to promote economic mobility; (2) empowering CES to serve as a distribution channel to advance understanding of economic mobility; and (3) demonstrating the utility of CES as an effective distribution channel for advancing economic mobility efforts across diverse geographies. Despite challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the project was successfully executed through five partner universities. Three public goods were produced that are capable of scaling nationally: (1) local communities were empowered to use their own data-rich and human-centered capacity for ongoing, community-directed problem solving; (2) CES professionals were equipped with the skills and knowledge to effectively engage with communities in identifying and applying data-driven insights; and (3) a data commons was developed that can be utilized to accelerate the advancement of community-based projects that support economic mobility.

Cooperative Extension System (CES) , Community Learning through Data Driven Discovery (CLD3), economic mobility, data commons
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Shipp, S., Thurston J., Lambur, M., and Dorius, C. (2021). Evaluation - Towards a Community Learning Network to Advance Economic Mobility. Proceedings of the Biocomplexity Institute, Technical Report. TR# 2021-021. University of Virginia.

University of Virginia
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