Spectrum: A Parallel Simulation Testbed

Authors:Reynolds, Jr, Institute for Parallel ComputationUniversity of Virginia Dickens, PM, Institute for Parallel ComputationUniversity of Virginia

SPECTRUM is a testbed for designing and evaluating parallel simulation protocols. The concept is based on the work reported in [Reyn88] in which it was shown that a broad range of possibilities exists for designing parallel simulation protocols. SPECTRUM is the first known testbed in which experimentation on a full range of protocols is supported in a common environment. We introduce the use of filters as a means for efficiently specifying protocols. We have implemented prototype versions of our testbed on an INTEL iPSC/2 and a BBN GP-1000.
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Reynolds, Jr, and PM Dickens. "Spectrum: A Parallel Simulation Testbed." University of Virginia Institute for Parallel Computation Tech Report (1989).

University of Virginia, Institute for Parallel Computation
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