Challenges for the Remote Operation of Vehicles

Author:Goodall, NoahVirginia Transportation Research Council ORCID icon

No existing automated vehicle can operate in all conditions and environments. In order to allow unmanned operation of automated vehicles in all conditions, many developers have the capability for human drivers to operate the vehicle from a remote location using wireless technology. This practice, referred to as remote operation or teleoperation, is prevalent among industry, yet has received little attention in the legal and transportation literature. This poster describes research on the legal environment for automated vehicles, both in terms of existing motor vehicle codes and state automated vehicle legislation. The operational performance of remote operation is explored, and a model is developed to estimate the number of remote operators needed to manage large automated vehicle fleets using reasonable assumptions.

teleoperation, autonomous vehicles, remote operation
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99th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. Washington, DC, January 2020.

University of Virginia
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October 27, 2020
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Virginia Department of Transportation