Thesis Prospectus: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Economy and Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region (Technical Report), Determining Domestic Political Influences within the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic (STS Research Paper)

Research Paper
Author:Dedas, Zach, Engineering UndergraduateUniversity of Virginia

The goal of my technical research project is to shed light on how varying governmental actions aiming for virus containment across the globe have sustained an adverse impact on economic performance and a positive impact on the environment in the form of pollution reduction. Through this research, our team hopes to indicate a relationship between the environment and economy and tendencies held by government leaders with respect to the environment and the economy. With this knowledge, there arises the ability to present recommendations for future drastic situations with respect to opportunities for minimization of economic contraction and maximization of pollution reduction.
Given the political and social turbulence in the United States, I found interest in pursuing an understanding of value structures of tradeoffs held by domestic politicians with respect to the environment and economy. The goal of my STS research project is to gain a greater understanding of the varying restrictions and lockdown measures employed by United States state government officials, the consequential economic contraction and tradeoffs between public health and the economy. With this knowledge, I hope to draw conclusions regarding how such virus containment measures employed by state governments and their respective economic responses serve to inform into the predictive modeling of the economy.

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Contributors:Ferguson, SeanUniversity of Virginia Lakshmi, Venkataraman, EN-Eng Sys and EnvironmentUniversity of Virginia
University of Virginia
Published Date:
May 20, 2021