Simple Alternate Routing for Differentiated Services Networks

Authors:Patek, Stephen, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Virginia Venkateswaran, Raja, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Virginia Liebeherr, Jorg, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Virginia

Recent work on differentiated services in the Internet has defined new notions of Quality of Service (QoS) that apply to aggregates of traffic in networks with coarse spatial granularity. Most proposals for differentiated services involve traffic control algorithms for aggregate service levels, packet marking and policing, and preferential treatment of marked packets in the network core. The issue of routing for enhancing aggregate QoS has not received a lot of attention. This study investigates the potential benefit of using alternate routing strategies in support of differentiated services. We propose a traffic control scheme, called Simple Alternate Routing, wherein portions of unmarked packet flows can be assigned to alternate paths through a Service Provider Network (SPN) in response to congestion feedback information. The scheme is simple, requiring only minor changes to the SPN border routers so that alternately routed packets can be tunneled via conventional paths to an intermediate border node and then tunneled from there to the original egress border node. We present distributed algorithms for (1) discovering congestion within the SPN, and (2) allocating traffic to alternate paths that are uncongested. We have implemented the scheme in a packet-level simulation, and we have examined the transient response of the algorithm to perturbations in the nominal traffic levels experienced by the SPN. The experimental study of this paper provides some understanding of the scheme's ability to adapt in routing packets around congestion. Our results indicate that the alternate routing framework shows promise and warrants further consideration.

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Patek, Stephen, Raja Venkateswaran, and Jorg Liebeherr. "Simple Alternate Routing for Differentiated Services Networks." University of Virginia Dept. of Computer Science Tech Report (2000).

University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
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