Risky Subjects: Insurance, Sexuality, and Capital

Author:Patel, Geeta, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and CulturesUniversity of Virginia

The essay investigates the production of "risky subjects" constituted through "life-finance" in South Asia. Focusing primarily on insurance as a technology of risk, the essay interrogates the ways in which risk has infiltrated daily life and capital been made quotidian through pedagogies, through commonalities, families and communities produced by risk pooling, through new notions of labor, through wellness programs, through shifts in ideas of governance, through new practices of farming. Turning to sexualized subjects such as Hijras or Aravani, this essay grapples with the history of their production, the ways that risk has both constituted and transformed them, and offers possibilities for a sustainable life without succumbing to risk as an orchestrating principle.

Risky subjects, life finance, insurance, risk, sexuality, pensions, nuclear family
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Patel, Geeta. "Risky Subjects: Insurance, Sexuality, and Capital." Social Text 24.4 (2006).

University of Virginia
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