Select Resources for Image-based Humanities Computing

Author:Nowviskie, Bethany, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

What follows is by no means a complete bibliography of the rapidly-evolving practice of image-based humanities computing. I have assembled here a list of resources and tools broadly applicable to data visualization and graphical analysis in the liberal arts. Highly technical papers and genre-specific projects have only been indexed when their issues or methodologies illuminate image-based work across the humanities. Readers interested in computer vision and scientific visualization should consult the bibliographies in Section 4. Likewise, while digital imaging in library science and museum conservation is of interest to the humanities scholar, bibliographies and literature reviews for these fields are readily available. I have listed the most complete of these in sections 1 and 4 below. Among software and commercial websites, preference has been given to freely available or open-source applications. I have also included references to seminal works on representation, cognition, and visual semiotics in the hope that this resource list will be useful to researchers new to image theory.

images, digital humanities, humanities computing, visualization
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