Subjectivity in the Ivanhoe Game: Visual and Computational Strategies

Author:Nowviskie, Bethany, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

The task of Ivanhoe’s interface is not merely to offer a visual representation of subjectivity, but instead to create an interactive matrix in which it can be enacted and performed, and where its results are emergent at the intersection of multiple subjectivities in dialogue. But what might emergent intersubjectivity look like? How might we respond to and fuel its representation through critical engagement with texts and documents and with a community of interpreters? Computationally and in terms of design, how would such an interface function? What visual cues might players need in order to engage with the Ivanhoe Game in a manner appropriate to its own theoretical stance regarding the social and autopoietic instantiation of creative works?

text, visualization, interface, digital humanities
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Nowviskie, Bethany. "Subjectivity in the Ivanhoe Game: Visual and Computational Strategies." TEXT Technology 12.2 (2003): 53-88. Available: [""].

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