Tracing Meadow Creek

Authors:Johnson, Jacob, AR-Arch DeptUniversity of Virginia Lee, Jane, AR-Landscape DeptUniversity of Virginia Teichman, Theodore, AR-Landscape DeptUniversity of Virginia

This video is an experiential exploration of the easternmost portion of Meadow Creek bordering the Locust Grove neighborhood of Charlottesville, Virginia. Narrated from the perspective of the creek itself, anomalies along its path are taken as points of departure for revealing the layers of infrastructural and human-urban intervention that have transformed the creek over time. It invites viewers to take a more expansive view of the creek’s identity as more than its literal waters.

Meadow Creek, Infrastructure, Locust Grove
University of Virginia
Published Date:
May 14 2021

This video was coursework for graduate-level ARCH 8604 Field Methods I Building Archaeology taught by Alissa Diamond. It has not been held to publishable or thesis-level standards. This has been published in LIBRA for the benefit of other scholars studying similar issues.