A Global Time Reference for Hypercube Multicomputers

Author:French, James, Institute for Parallel ComputationUniversity of Virginia

This report describes a simple but effective technique for achieving a global time reference on hypercube multicomputers. The synchronization algorithm presented runs in 0(log N) time where N =2" is the number of processors in an order n hypercube. Empirical evidence is given to show that the expected clock agreement is n /2 ticks. Since the synchronization algorithm does not depend on particular parameters of the underlying hardware, it is inherently portable. A sampling technique for testing the agreement of the processor clocks in 0(N) time is also presented. This technique assumes that the internode message transit time, m, is constant but unknown. One unexpected outcome of this work was the discovery that, in general, timing information cannot be reliably obtained on the NCUBE/AT system except perhaps in the total absence of message traffic.
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French, James. "A Global Time Reference for Hypercube Multicomputers." University of Virginia Institute for Parallel Computation Tech Report (1988).

University of Virginia, Institute for Parallel Computation
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