The iTHRIV Commons: A Cross-Institution Information and Health Research Data Sharing Architecture and Web Application

Author:Loomba, Johanna, MD-THRV Trans Hlth Res Inst VaUniversity of Virginia

The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) aims to develop an information architecture to support data workflows throughout the research lifecycle for cross-state teams of translational researchers.

Materials and Methods
The iTHRIV Commons is a cross-state harmonized infrastructure supporting resource discovery, targeted consultations, and research data workflows. As the front end to the iTHRIV Commons, the iTHRIV Research Concierge Portal supports federated login, personalized views, and secure interactions with objects in the ITHRIV Commons federation. The canonical use-case for the iTHRIV Commons involves an authenticated user connected to their respective high-security institutional network, accessing the iTHRIV Research Concierge Portal web application on their browser, and interfacing with multi-component iTHRIV Commons Landing Services installed behind the firewall at each participating institution.

The iTHRIV Commons provides a technical framework, including both hardware and software resources located in the cloud and across partner institutions, that establishes standard representation of research objects, and applies local data governance rules to enable access to resources from a variety of stakeholders, both contributing and consuming.

The launch of the Commons API service at partner sites and the addition of a public view of non-restricted objects will remove barriers to data access for cross-state research teams while supporting compliance and the secure use of data.

The secure architecture, distributed APIs, and harmonized metadata of the iTHRIV Commons provide a methodology for compliant information and data sharing that can advance research productivity at Hub sites across the CTSA network.

Information Storage and Retrieval, Patient Generated Health Data, Health Research Software, Data Commons
Contributors:Brown, Don, DS-Data Science SchoolUniversity of Virginia Chamakuri, Ravi, Research ComputingUniversity of Virginia Dash, Pabitra, Research & Clinical Trial AnalyticsUniversity of Virginia Patterson, Stephen, Research & Clinical Trial AnalyticsUniversity of Virginia Potter, Mary, Scholarly Integrity and Research ComplianceVirginia Tech Krisch, Jason, Fralin Biomedical Research InstituteVirginia Tech Tenzer, Martha, Health Analytics ResearchCarilion Clinic Johnston, Karen, NeurologyUniversity of Virginia Wasson, Glenn, UVA Health AnalyticsUniversity of Virginia
University of Virginia
Published Date:
August 06, 2021
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The iTHRIV Commons development is supported in part by the University of Virginia School of Medicine and by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number UL1TR003015. For more information, please visit Sartography, LLC contributed to the design and development of the iTHRIV Research Concierge Portal.