Accretion disk dynamics, photoionized plasmas, and stellar opacities

Author:Hawley, John, Department of AstronomyUniversity of Virginia

We present a brief review on the atomic kinetics, modeling and interpretation of astrophysical observations, and laboratory astrophysics experiments. The emphasis is on benchmarking of opacity calculations relevant for solar structure models, photoionized plasmas research, the magnetohydrodynamic numerical simulation of accretion disk dynamics, and a connection between radiation transport effects and plasma source geometry details. Specific cases of application are discussed with relevance to recent and proposed laboratory astrophysics experiments as well as Chandra and X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission Newton observations.

accretion disks, stellar models, stellar structure, astrophysical plasma, numerical analysis, plasma magnetohydrodynamics, plasma simulation, radiative transfer
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Hawley, John. "Accretion disk dynamics, photoionized plasmas, and stellar opacities." Physics of Plasmas 16.4 (2009): 041001-041001-11. Available: [""].

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NSF grant PHY-0205155NASA grant NNG04GK77G

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