MRDB: A Multi-user Real-Time Database Manager for Time-Critical Applications

Authors:Son, Sang, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Virginia Beckinger, Robert, Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Virginia

The design and implementation of real-time database systems presents many new and challenging' Compared with traditional databases. database systems for time-critical applications have the distinct feature of satisfying timing constraints associated with transactions. Transactions in real-timedatabase systems should be scheduled considering both data consistency and timing constraints; in addition. a real - time database must adapt to changes in the operating environment and guarantee the completion of critical tasks. The effects of scheduling decisions. and concurrency control mechanisms on real-time database systems have typically been demonstrated in a simulated environment. in this paper we present a functional real-time relational database "manager, called MRDB, which provides anoperational platform for research in real-time database issues. Current research issues involving the development of mn-time estimates for use in scheduling decisions, temporal consistency characteristics. and our elforts in using these are also discussed.
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Son, Sang, and Robert Beckinger. "MRDB: A Multi-user Real-Time Database Manager for Time-Critical Applications." University of Virginia Dept. of Computer Science Tech Report (1991).

University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
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