SPEC Kit 334: Research Data Management Services

Authors:Lake, Sherry, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0002-5660-2970Sallans, Andrew, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon orcid.org/0000-0002-2593-4905Pralle, BarbaraJohns Hopkins University Fearon, DavidJohns Hopkins University Gunia, BetsyJohns Hopkins University

The SPEC Survey on Research Data Management Services was designed by Barbara E. Pralle, Head, Entrepreneurial Library Program and Interim Manager JHU Data Management Services, David Fearon and Betsy Gunia, Data Management Consultants, at the Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries; and Andrew L. Sallans, Head of Strategic Data Initiatives, and Sherry Lake, Senior Scientific Data Consultant, at the University of Virginia Library. These results are based on data submitted by 73 of the 125 ARL member libraries (58%) by the deadline of May 6, 2013. The survey’s introductory text and questions are reproduced below, followed by the response data and selected comments from the respondents.

digital libraries, library surveys, data management, academic libraries, information resources management
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Lake, Sherry, Andrew Sallans, Barbara Pralle, David Fearon, and Betsy Gunia. SPEC Kit 334: Research Data Management Services. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, 2013. Available: ISBN:1-59407-902-1, ["http://publications.arl.org/Research-Data-Management-Services-SPEC-Kit-334/~~FreeAttachments/Research-Data-Management-Services-SPEC-Kit-334.pdf"].

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