The APTrust Story

Conference Paper
Author:Sites, Martha, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia

The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is an innovative consortium committed to the creation and management of a sustainable environment for digital preservation and aggregate repository services for academic and research content. This paper responds to a number of questions that were voiced when APTrust was established: What led to the formation of APTrust? What does APTrust hope to accomplish? Most important, why should it be a top priority for academic libraries? After considering these questions and more, founding partners of APTrust agreed that building a robust and sustainable solution for digital preservation is the greatest challenge facing research libraries and their parent institutions today. This is the story of a collaboration that intends to rise to that challenge.

APTrust,digital preservation,preservation
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Sites, Martha. "The APTrust Story." Association of Research Libraries 2013, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 2013.

Published Date:
May 2, 2013