U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted with Colonel Charles A. White, United States Army (Retired)

Authors:Derner, Daniel Shriner, Kevin

Colonel Charles A. White, Jr. was born in Newport News, Virginia on January 27, 1939 as the only child. He graduated Matthews High School in 1958 as class salutatorian. He went on to attend the College of William and Mary and received his Bachelor of Arts degree as well as being commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant Armor Officer in the U.S. Army in 1961. As part of William & Mary's six year law program, he began law school in his final year of college. Colonel White married his now wife Tricia and later their daughter, Laurie, was born. Colonel White began practicing law in Williamsburg until he was called to active duty in 1963 to the Armor Officer Basic Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and transferred in to the JAG Corps. As a judge advocate, Colonel White's first assignment began in Okinawa at HW, USARYIS Office of the Staff Judge Advocate in July of 1964. He later deployed to Vietnam in July of 1965 for one year, where he was promoted to Captain. He then was assigned to Office of the Judge Advocate General, Career Management at the Pentagon. He attended Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston, was assigned to the International Law Division and was eventually promoted to Major. By the time he was promoted to Colonel, after 17 and a half years of service, he oversaw the largest general court-martial jurisdiction in the Army. Colonel White finished his military career by returning to the United States and being assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Inspector General for Intelligence at the Pentagon. Upon retirement, he and a fellow Army JAGC, Colonel (Ret.) Charles A. Murray, began a business, Business Leasing Associates, Inc..

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Derner, Daniel, Kevin Shriner. U.S. Army JAG School Oral History Interview Conducted With Colonel Charles A. White, United States Army (Retired). Charlottesville Va., 2009

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JAGC Regimental Oral History 2009 White

Contents: Executive Summary, Interview Transcript, Officer Efficiency Report (Appendix A.), Personal Photos (Appendix B.), Personal Documents (Appendix C.), Index Appendix D.)