Two-photon absorption lineshapes in the transit-time limit

Author:Lehmann, Kevin, AS-ChemistryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon

A weak excitation, transit-time resolution limited analytic lineshape is derived for a Doppler Broadening Free, degenerate two-photon transition from a standing wave with a TEM00 transverse profile. This approximation is appropriate when the collisional mean free path is much larger than the transverse width of the TEM00 beam. It is considerably simpler than the two-photon absorption lineshape
previously published, C. Borde, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences Serie B 282, 341-344 (1976), which was derived for more general experimental conditions. The case of a saturating field, with an intensity-dependent shift of the resonance frequency, is treated and expressed in reduced units. Numerical calculations are presented for the lineshape for a range of the reduced intensity and light intensity shifts values.

Molecular Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Spectroscopyk
Contributor:Lehmann, Kevin, AS-ChemistryUniversity of Virginia
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The Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 154, art.# 104105 (2021).

American Institute of Physics
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18 Feb. 2021
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