DMP Online and DMPTool: Different Strategies Towards a Shared Goal

Authors:Sallans, Andrew, University of Virginia LibraryUniversity of Virginia ORCID icon, MartinUniversity of Edinburgh

This paper provides a comparative discussion of the strategies employed in the UK’s DMP Online tool and the US’s DMPTool, both designed to provide a structured environment for research data management planning (DMP) with explicit links to funder requirements. Following the Sixth International Digital Curation Conference, held in Chicago in December 2010, a number of US institutions partnered with the Digital Curation Centre’s DMP Online team to learn from their experiences while developing a US counterpart. DMPTool arrived in beta in August 2011 and released a production version in November 2011. This joint paper will compare and contrast use cases, organizational and national/cultural characteristics that have influenced the development decisions, outcomes achieved so far, and planned future developments.

data management, data curation, digital curation, data management plan
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Sallans, Andrew, and Martin Donnelly. "DMP Online and DMPTool: Different Strategies Towards a Shared Goal." International Journal of Digital Curation 7.2 (2012): 123-129. Available: ISSN:1746-8256, [""].

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