Driver Education for the Future of the Road Vehicle in the United States

Author:Greene, Connor, Engineering UndergraduateUniversity of Virginia

Road safety for passenger vehicles has been the focus of decades of research, legislation, and technological advancements, especially in the United States where cars are such a large part of the culture and infrastructure. Because everyone who drives uses public roadways, ensuring safety for all is critical on infrastructure as extensive as it is. This may seem like a self-explanatory statement but the United States has been a historically poor performer in road safety compared to most other developed nations, and the country’s rates of incidents have recently increased despite advancements in individual vehicle safety technology. This STS paper will focus on the United States’ driver education programs and what may hamper them from creating better drivers. It is critical to understand what makes vehicles predictable and safe and how drivers react to safety systems which are becoming increasingly prevalent. Cultural and infrastructural challenges will also be examined to propose a model for safety on roads in the United States.

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University of Virginia
Published Date:
May 12, 2021